5 Different Uses of Vacuum Sealer for Packaging Purposes Highlighted

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Vacuum sealer is crucial for packaging purposes. It heat seals the bag, after drawing out the trapped air, which is the valued reason of using this appliance.

Different uses of vacuum sealer highlighted

  1. For food storage

Vacuum sealer is used for storing foods to be frozen like strawberries, peas, peppers, broccoli, kale, chard, blueberries, and anything which is not a puree. You can pack the produce in meal size vacuum bags and seal.

In this way, users can pour out as much as they need. They even make sure to cut the bag neatly, so as to reseal the leftovers again. Users say that vacuum sealed bags stack on top of one another just like books. Try what they say and certainly you will notice that in the little space on the freezer shelf, you can store plenty.

  1. For dry canning

Vacuum sealers extend dry goods shelf life. This allows you to store herbs & spices, dried fruits or sugar & flour in bulk. Non powdery dry foods can be filled in jar and sealed with jar sealer attachment. This method is called dry canning, which is useful to store extra for long time than normal.

For powdery items like sugar and flour paper bags need to be placed inside a proper sized vacuum bag and sealed. Saved in this manner, the food items that last for months in ordinary storage stay fresh for a couple of years in the freezer and pantry. You will see a lot of difference in stored food quality sealed using vacuum sealer.

  1. For reseal

The shelf life of basically all the liquids decrease dramatically, as soon as the seal is broken, especially wine. Sometimes, a bottle of wine never finishes in a single sitting but fortunately bottle stoppers are available and you can seal it in jars. It is also a nice option to try sealing herb infused oil and vinegar in jars.

Leftover from cracker bags or chip bags can be reclosed with chip clips and thus eliminate the possibility of contents spilling around but the crunchiness of crackers will be lost due to humidity. However, sealing the bag will help you to maintain the crunchiness of chips and crackers.

  1. For protection from corrosion

Exposure to air and moisture can tarnish and oxidize metals ranging from fine silver to ammunition. Vacuum sealer is the best option to maintain the silver cutlery’s shine. You are saved from the frustrating task of polishing. Remember to wrap cutlery in thick paper or cloth before sealing. It ensures that the edges of knives and forks don’t pierce the vacuum bag.

For ammunition use seal function only and not the vacuum + seal. Vacuum sealing can possibly cause slug to come out from the cartridge.

  1. For emergency preparedness

Flatten the band-aid boxes with bandages inside and place it in a vacuum bag and seal it. When you need to use them, snip the bag open and unfold the box. You are ready to use it on scratches and scrapes. With vacuum seal you got a good shelf life and no damaged adhesive.

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