5 Simple Ways of Taking Care of Your Wheelbarrow

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If you know how dependable your wheelbarrow is, you will want to maintain it in perfect condition to prolong its lifespan. Having your wheelbarrow in perfect shape will ensure you work faster within your yard or garden. The wheelbarrow like any other piece of equipment needs constant maintenance to ensure that it works optimally and to save you from frequent replacement. There are simple things that you can do to make sure that your loyal garden tool stays in perfect shape.

Apply these simple tips to prolong your wheelbarrow’s lifespan:

The wheels

To save you time and money, you will need to fit your wheelbarrow with tires that are flat resistant. Go for marathon tires. These tires have a strong outer skin to resist chemicals and any abrasion. They contain micro-cellular polyurethane form that comprises numerous tiny air pockets that eliminate flats. With these kinds of wheels, your wheelbarrow would handle any weight.

The handles

Taking care of the handles is much easier. If your wheelbarrow has wooden handles, a good clean after work will do the trick. Don’t let dirt dry up before cleaning and ensure that you completely dry it in the sun before storing. Once in a while, you can use a sandpaper and olive oil to give it its shine and luster.

The Barrow

This part of the wheelbarrow is the most important. Always scrap of dirt immediately after use. This way, dirt will not dry up giving you a difficult time during cleaning. A good hose pipe with lots of pressure will come in handy during cleaning. After cleaning ensure that you dry it in the sun and store it in a shed afterward.


When this part of the wheelbarrow is dry, there will be constant friction when moving your wheelbarrow. Whenever you realize it’s dry, ensure that you grease it. This enables smooth movement. Always ensure that that you don’t use plastic as your axle bearing since they break easily under heavy weight.

Never exceed the weight limit

If you love your wheelbarrow, you will ensure that you don’t overload it. Make sure that you don’t load your wheelbarrow with what it cannot handle. You may end up with broken handles, the contents may spill over, and the weight may be too much on the axle forcing them to bend. You may also end up hurting yourself in the process so don’t overburden your wheelbarrow.

You should take care of all garden equipment. Proper maintenance of your wheelbarrow will ensure that it lasts longer and perform optimally. Ensure that you keep the above points in mind to enjoy using this piece of equipment. The above maintenance routine will save you time and money. Check out Wheel That for more tips on how to take care of your wheelbarrow.

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