Analytical Comparison Between The Electric And Manual Can Openers

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Can openers have become an integral tool in your kitchen in both your houses or in your business houses as well if you’re engaged in businesses such as running a canteen, restaurant or even a hotel. Realizing this impending need, various manufacturers have come up with stylish and handy can openers at various price points. These can openers are widely distinguished as the electric openers and manual openers on the basis of mode of operation and there’s a big difference between these two can openers. Electric can openers make opening can easy and take their power from an energy source while for the manual openers, you have to put in all the effort by yourself only.

There are several differences between these two openers that you need to know to purchase the right one for you. Here is an elaboration about some of the common differences between these two types of openers.

Ease of operation:

The first thing that comes to your mind while going about buying any stuff is the ease with which you can operate that stuff. With can openers, it is not any different as you want to put in minimal effort and for that to happen, you shall go for the electric openers as they do not require any power from your side and operate on electricity. With the manual openers, you may have to put in some great efforts, especially if the top lid of the container is pretty rigid and durable.


This is another facet where the electric openers outdo the manual openers as generally an electric opener can open various types of lids whether cutting the corners or ripping through the center with subtle ease. This might not be possible with some of the manual cutters as they come up short when you demand multiple types of opening operations from a single can.

This is why these electric openers are pretty commonly used at the restaurants and hotels, where the need is to get the cans of different types and durability opened on a massive scale.


When you talk about the affordability, the manual can openers are hands down winners as they are pretty cheaper when compared to the electric can openers but at the same time they also do not require any type of electricity that may incur you some additional charges. Thus, if you are low on budget, it is always smarter to go for a manual can opener rather than the electric can opener.


If you have sensitive cans and there is great chance of spilling with a minimal error while opening the can, you must opt for the electric can openers as with manual can openers, you always tend to put more pressure which can also affect the cans as well.

On the other side, the electric openers can provide you with exact cuts that are required for the opening of the cans. Especially, when you have to open through the edges, these types of openers prevent any damage to the edges which can lead to massive spilling of the material inside the cans and thus shall be used in the sensitive operations.

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