Apps That Automatically Like Posts – Do They Work

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Of course they do, otherwise, they wouldn’t be sold and mass promoted across the whole of the internet but that’s perhaps not the most important question. Are they efficient is what counts and at that front, the opinions are rather divided. Usually, it’s all in the settings. What you put in is what you get out.

How to get the most out of it

As said, it all starts with the settings, if you used an auto-follower and ended up with a ton of fake/spam accounts in your friends/followers list it makes no sense to start liking them or their friends post as you are getting involved with a huge bot network and the new followers you gain are once again fake.

How to prevent fake followers?

I was active at LinkedIn for a while and I manually added connections to my account while at the same time trying to avoid accounts from India, Bangladesh, and a few other low-wage countries as that’s where most bots operate. By sticking to this rigorously, and obviously starting by inviting my real friends and customers I ended up with a list that’s worth my time.

Now it’s time to apply a tool

With my current 700+ connections, I am not going to manually like everyone’s post, and 700 is still a small number I tell you that but it is a solid foundation to let the automation do its work. As all my connections are real people it’s easy to apply a bot to find even more connections, and follow up with them by using an auto-liker. The result is that it gets me in the picture so that people will also see my posts and hopefully engage with it or purchase one of my services as that’s what we are doing it for after all.

Where to find such auto-liking tools?

You shouldn’t have a hard time finding websites that sell these tools, a quick Google search will reveal a lot though personally, I’m a fan of Jonathon Spire as he does a solid job reviewing all the different bots/software. That way I don’t have to spend hours scouring the web and requesting demos for all the different type of services as it’s literally a floodgate from hell with tons of crap that you don’t want to waste your time on. Believe me, I’ve been there already.

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