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If you are a sugar addict like me your teeth are probably in pretty bad shape. Instead of doing our bi-annual checkups we wait till it starts to hurt and by then it’s already too late. Luckily there are some ingenious solutions to fix your teeth if your budget allows for it that is so let’s look at some solutions.

Filling the whole

This is by far the easiest solution in its early stage, and it only takes 10 minutes to fix it and a couple of bucks, nothing crazy there. just make sure you catch the problem early enough or you might have to go to our next step.

A root canal treatment

Most people fear root canal treatments for no reason as although it takes longer and requires a follow up it doesn’t hurt at all, and it won’t hurt in the future as they kill the underlying nerve that’s causing the pain.

There is one big downside to root canal treatments and that is that it weakens your teeth significantly, especially when it concerns a back molar due to the grinding pressure. At some point, you are exhausting it and a tiny piece of bone and the wrong bite can easily break your molar in two.

Now if that happens there’s still another affordable enough solution and that takes us to.

Crowns or bridges

Before we start talking about taking a crown so lets talk a little about gum disease, although a crown fixes everything the decay can still continue if you don’t treat a possible gum disease.

One way to help treat gum disease is by using CBD oil (check this:

Once this hs been solved you can consider a crown, which is still rather inexpensive depending on where you go. Here in Thailand it only costs $300/crown, or approx $1200 for a full bridge that includes three or four teeth, and they might even throw in a root canal treatment for free.

Full dental implant

If you’ve let it come so far that all your teeth start rotting, or to put it nicely have caveats, and serious decay it might be a good idea to pull it all out of your mouth and get a full implant.

This isn’t cheap at all but repeatedly visiting the dentist isn’t cheap either when you add up all the costs so sometimes this is the best solution.

An all-on-4 dental implant can be had for as little as $3000 in certain countries and it fixes your problems forever!

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