Factors To Consider When Selecting A Bug Zapper

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Environmental pollution is a major concern, and people are now moving towards healthier techniques of solving common problems. Bug zappers use electrical charges to control insects which make them environmentally friendly. This device electrocutes the insect when they come into contact. There are different makes and models which aim at providing different solutions. The following are major factors to consider when selecting a bug zapper.

Active Ingredients

Different manufacturers use varying ingredients to cater for different needs. You can choose a simple insect trap that lures insect using a lamp. This unit sucks the pests into a vacuum and dehydrates them until they die. You should empty this equipment regularly.

Level of Infestation

Zapper bugs come with different voltage levels and capabilities. An electric swatter will be a good fit if your insect problem is low. It is ideal for occasional flies and mosquitoes in your home. Most of them use rechargeable batteries. Electric swatters are highly portable, and you can use them on a beach setting or while you go hiking.


Products are meant to offer solutions and you ought to get nothing less. Selecting a good bug zapper can be very hard for a first timer. Your experience will influence what you could talk about when somebody asks you about a bug zapper. The web is full of reviews from customers and experts. Previous customers give first-hand information that can influence your buying decision. Expert reviewers are best suited for technical advice and giving unbiased opinions. You can also ask friends and family members who have used such products in the recent past.


Most people check on the price before making a purchase decision. Different models and makes translate to variation in prices. The guiding factor should be the capability of the device and your individual needs. Avoid the lowly priced items because they may be having a functionality problem. High price does not always translate to high performance. Compare different vendors against the products they offer and their features.


There are different models for outdoor as well as indoor needs. There are special units that can one use on both the outdoors and indoors. Some units can double as insect killers and lamps as well.

Factoring the above areas ensures that you get a unit that suits your individual needs. Powering technique differs depending on the make. These devices can either be use electricity, solar energy or batteries.

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