Facts about Different Types of Vacuum Sealing Machines

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Vacuum packaging allows the packed food products to last three to five times longer and preserved. They taste fresh because oxygen that spoils the food soon is removed from the canister or bag using vacuum sealers.

You can visit the vacuum sealers manufacturers’ website and watch the video. Actually, they wanted to show you different applications of vacuum sealing machine besides food packaging. For example, Vacuum sealer can also be used to pack silverware and silver jewellery in vacuum sealed plastic bags, so it does not lose its lustre or gets tarnished. Important documents can be preserved and saved from getting yellow or deteriorated.

Types of vacuum packing machines

External vacuum sealer

This kind of device is generally used in light commercial applications or in houses. The plastic bag is placed on the outer side of the device. Air is sucked and as soon as vacuum cycle gets completed, the plastic bag gets sealed via super heating. External vacuum sealing device is not appropriate for bags filled with liquid.

Chamber vacuum devices

Chamber vacuum sealer is appropriate for industrial and commercial usage. These are expensive than the external vacuum device, but best for meat processing businesses. It can even handle liquid pouches and people, who cook a lot will benefit. Gravy remains with the food and leftovers are kept moist.

Place the bag inside the chamber, so the balance within and outside the pouch gets equalised. Air is sucked from the pouch and plastic is sealed via heating.

Chamber versus external vacuum devices

  • Chamber creates high level vacuum in comparison
  • Vacuum and sealing process takes place inside the chamber device allowing to seal moist or liquid items, which cannot be done using out-of-chamber device
  • Heat sealing bars are longer in chamber devices
  • Chamber devices are heavier than external sealers

Bags & accessories


Vacuum bags are available in variety of sizes and styles. The bags need to be BPA free and suitable for carrying freezer, microwave and boilable items.

  • Chamber machine bags – These are available in two kinds – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers
  • External vacuum bags – These are designed in two ways – full mesh storage bags and VacStrip storage bags.
  • Bag rolls – You can custom cut the bags to necessary length and can be used only with external vacuum sealer.


  • Canisters – Canisters are best for storing liquid foods and delicate items.
  • Bone Guard – Bone guard is applied to pack sharp or stiff items, which can puncture the bag. Guard is placed before running vacuum cycle for extra protection.


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