Gifts for the Gamer Dad

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 If you have a dad that’s a gamer and aren’t sure what to get him for a present, don’t think that you have to settle on just a game by itself.

You can always think outside of the box.

How about a gaming chair? Some of them sit low to the floor to accommodate TVs, systems, and monitors that are set on a lower stand, and have pockets on the sides and consoles on the arms to hold drinks, controllers, and gaming accessories.

Some gaming chairs are set higher and are perfect for the PC-playing gamer dad who plays at his computer desk.

Others are designed for looks, comfort, and other factors.

Moving on from the gaming chair, let’s talk about clothing.

You can find T-shirts and caps that feature your dad’s favorite game, maybe a game he grew up playing, like Mario–even a Mario or Luigi hat.

A tremendous idea is to go all out for a classic gaming system, like Mario, Space Invaders, or Pac Man. You can find these systems online, or sometimes from friends looking to sell.

If your dad is old enough to have played the original games on the original system, chances are he discarded it a long time ago in favor of newer games and systems. This is typical. Not everyone keeps old comics or baseball cards around. But when they do, they can increase in value and can be pretty expensive to buy. This is what you’ll find when it comes to purchasing old-schools systems. They may be hard to find, and since they’re old, may not work properly, so make sure you try them out before buying, or get some kind of warranty, even short-term.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your gamer dad, then there are less expensive gifts to consider, like a coffee mug featuring your dad’s favorite game. Even a poster or s subscription to a gaming magazine would work. Or how about an online subscription to a gaming site?

As with anything you buy online, check reviews first, especially if you aren’t familiar with the product or how much it’s supposed to cost. This will help you decide if you’re spending your money wisely.

And lastly, one gift you can give your gamer dad is a gift card. You may not know all the games he has in his collection, or maybe he needs to replace one. This way he can choose his own game.

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