How to Write a College Essay

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The way you write your college essay reveals something critical about you that neither your grades nor tests can – your creativity. It can give the admission officer a sense of who you are in addition to showcasing your writing skill. Below are handy tips that will help you pen a fantastic essay.

Start By Brainstorming

Outlining your college essay is arguably the hardest part. Begin by brainstorming about the main points that you want to capture in your piece. Doing so will help you angle your composition and have more comfortable time writing. In other words, brainstorming enables you to create a cohesive essay.

Let the Draft Flow

After you have gathered the main points, create an outline to help you organize the essay and decide where exactly you want the examples to appear. You are now ready to write your draft. Do not lay too much emphasis on making it perfect. Just let your ideas and thoughts flow on paper. You will fix the mistakes later.

Come Up With the Three Essay Parts

A college essay will have three parts – the introduction, body, and conclusion. The first part introduces your ideas, and the thesis gives an in-depth explanation of these ideas while the end summarizes the essay.

Be Specific

To avoid ambiguity in your essay, be as accurate as possible. Give the composition the focus it needs by figuring out how the information will fit in a particular angle. Ensure that every point you write supports the overall viewpoint of your essay.

Be Creative

While there are some basics of essay writing that you must adhere to, it is your creativity that gives your piece a distinctive and unique edge. The more creative you are, the more captivating your composition will be. It doesn’t hurt injecting your poetry skills into your piece in a bid to make it appealing.

Be Honest

Honesty is a crucial part of writing a college essay. If the essay question seeks to know about your best qualities and why you chose to attend a particular college over the other, be as honest as you can. Don’t be tempted to write what the admission officer wants to hear but rather, the facts.

Proof Read and Make Corrections

Once you are through with the easy, re-read it and make the necessary corrections. These include typos and spelling as well as grammatical errors. Don’t assume that your essay is flawless or without mistakes. Read it more than two times if you have to.

Don’t Forget your ID

In most colleges, you will need to provide your ID for you to get admitted into the exam room. So, make sure that you carry yours. And, speaking of ID cards, be sure to visit to view a collection of college ID card templates. The idea is to enable you to see what a good college ID card should look like. Feel free to recommend some of the designs to your school!

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