Know Everything About Snow Blowers Along With Their Advantages

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Around the globe, there are several places where snow falls in all the seasons. At such places, it is very hard to remove snow from hands. Thanks to snow blower, due to which removing snow at such places becomes an easy task. Snow blower machine is a type of vehicle that removes snow effectively and purposefully. With the advancements in technology, there are several types and models of snow blowers available in the market and you can get to know about them at Snow Shifts.

Types of Snow blowers

Single-stage snow blowers

Single-stage snow blowers are one of the widely used snow blower types. They are light in weight and easy to operate. Single-stage snow blower is the best option for removing snowfall of 8 inches and less. The wheel, engine and base are combined perfectly so that single-stage snow blower can easily penetrate into any route blocked from snowfall. This type of snow blower is good to be used in flat driveways and walks. They are not ideal for using on gravel.

Two-stage snowblowers

This type of snow blower runs on gas and is faster than single-stage models. They can easily remove snowfall of more than 8 inches which is not possible with single-stage snow removers. Two-stage snow blowers would be the best option in removing snowfalls from large ground or area and comes with engine-driven wheels technology so that operator can easily operate it without having any problem. Firstly, the snow is collected by an auger, then an impeller fan discharges it via a chute. Two-stage snow blowers come with skid shoes so that user can operate it easily even on unpaved surfaces. There are several models available of two-stage snow blowers.

Three-stage snow blowers

They are one of the powerful snow blowers available. They are capable of removing any type of snowfall. Most of the three-stage snow blowers work with gas. The mechanism of three-stage snow blower is same as two-stage model, but it consumes more energy. Three-stage model comes with faster acceleration option as compared to two-stage model due to which they move snowfalls ten times faster than two-stage model.

Other types of Snow Blowers

Along with above mentioned snow blowers, there are several other types also available in the market such as electric snow blowers, cordless electric blowers, gas snow blowers etc. All these snow blowers have their own advantages as well as benefits and can be purchased as per requirements.

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