Low-fat Yogurt – Is it Healthy?

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low fat yogurt

There’s yogurt, and then there is low-fat yogurt. Is there any difference? Yes, the latter contains up to two percent milk. That said, you must be thinking – is there any reason you should eat low-fat yogurt? Of course, but then again, you must eat the correct version. Here are the health benefits of low-fat yogurt.

High Probiotics Content

Okay, you will find probiotics in any yogurt whether you’re talking about kefir, skyr, Greek or frozen yogurt. If you’re making your yogurt at home, you may consider adding other ingredients to increase the level of probiotics. On that note, be sure to choose a yogurt maker that will handle your needs and give you the best possible results. Visit http://www.yummyyogurt.net/ to view a collection of yogurt makers ideal for commercial and home use.

The presence of probiotics in your home-made yogurt brings to the for the benefit of improved digestion.

Significant Nutrition Value

You can make low-fat yogurt using skim milk or well, low-fat milk. To fit the description of “low-fat,” your milk, as stated should contain 0.5 to 2 percent fat.  At such levels, the milk has about one fifty calories a cup. It also contains about fifteen milligrams of cholesterol of one gram of monounsaturated fat.

You also get seventeen grams of sugar, four hundred milligrams of calcium and thirteen grams of protein. In simpler terms, low-fat yogurt is nutritious and would make an excellent choice if you’re on a weight loss regimen.

Improved Immunity

Yes, low-fat yogurt can help boost your immunity thanks to the high level of probiotics. Other than that, the probiotics also help regulate the amount of bacterial flora in your digestive tract. The yogurt also contains calcium and therefore will make your teeth and bones stronger. Some studies suggest that eating low-fat yogurt may help reduce the total percentage of fat in your body.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons you should make low-fat yogurt part of your diet. But, when preparing yours at home, you should be careful with sugar and flavors. Whenever possible, avoid flavors that contain fruit as they may have more sugar than your body needs.

In fact, if you use too much sugar, you will be taking away the health benefits of low-fat yogurt. To get the most out of your yogurt consider making the sugar-free version. If you must add some taste, you’re better off with natural fruit extract.

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